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Congregational Assembly for Contemplative Sisters

  • Cacs in Pictures

     CACS in pictures More pictures click here Contemplative council Cacs Committee Sr, Janice Rushman Facilitator The secretariat:Cristina Bonilla, Miriam Colala, Leticia Cervantes Sister Hedwig Johl Speaker for Justice Peace Teresa Mc Cormack Speaker for Eco Spiritulity Interpreters: Left, Valentina… More>>
  • Cacs Meeting ends -Bringing the message back home

    The participants including resource persons The morning session began with a prayer of thanksgiving, then sister Janice presented the final draft of the assembly statement for voting. After a pause for reflection, the statement was voted almost unanimously. An evaluation of the assembly followed … More>>
  • Experience of the first contemplative council

    The prayer was prepared by the province of Philippines on the theme of the Good shepherd. Sister Janice presented the third draft of the assembly report and gave some clarifications,She asked  us  to consider if the report reflected our experiences during the assembly and that Key themes were… More>>
  • Election of delegates to the Congregational Chapter

    The day opened with a prayer to the Holy Spirit and the election of delegates followed. The elections were carried out in an atmosphere of prayer and reflection, here are the results.  At Mid-day, we had a joyful celebration  of liturgy in honour of St John Eudes Elected delegates to the Congregational… More>>
  • Discernment Process for the Election of Delegates to the Congregational Chapter

    We began by a prayer prepared by the cacs Committee This day was the Discernment Process for the Election of Delegates to the Congregational Chapter. It was a day of silence. Sr Janice addressed the assembly and gave an orientation to the process as preparation for the election of Chapter delegates.… More>>
  • Reflection on Congregational Statement and Focus for the Future

    The province of Mexico led us in prayer. Sr Janice gave some  clarifications as she presented the second draft of the assembly statement. - What is the particular focus which needs more attention, which needs action? - What speaks to your heart and gives you energy?  There was reflection on… More>>
  • “Caring for Creation”

      The theme for this  day was“Caring for Creation” A paper entitled: Extract from the Conference given by Guillermo Kerber, at the World Council of Churches, Geneva,   on 06/05/2013” was distributed for personal reading and reflection.  The participants were… More>>
  • Love has within it a redemptive power, a power that transforms individuals. Martin Luther King

    The day began with a number of gospel reflection on Mary as it was the feast of Assumption..  Sr Hedwig continued her session on Justice and Peace.  Reflection papers for the day were distributed. One paper gave scripture quotations on justice and the other papers gave quotations from Mary… More>>
  • Presentation on Justice and Peace -Hedwig Jöhl, RGS

    Sr Reina presented Sr Hedwig, the presenter of the day.  She began her presentation with a prayer on   Justice and Peace   which was the theme of the day. The first draft of the assembly statement was presented and opened to assembly for responses.  Sr Hedwig   distributed… More>>
  • Creation/ Eco Spirituality - As human beings we are intimately connected with one another and the whole universe

    Our third mission partner Mrs Arlene Clement from New York was presented to the assembly.  The prayer was led   by the New York province on the theme of creation. Sr Luz Maria presented Teresa Mc Cormack   our presenter for the day’s programme. The theme of the day was… More>>