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89th anniversary of the death of Sister of St. Agustin Fernández Concha January 13th 1928

Submitted by: monique
On: 12/01/2017

“I spent 110 days in the company of Our Mother”

Today we share a part of the testimony of Mother St. Agustin Fernández Concha, written on the advice of the confessor of the Good Shepherd Provincial House in Buenos Aires. 

Complying with his request, she dictated to Sr. Mary Estanislao of Jesus, what she experienced during the opening of the canonization process of St. Mary Euphrasia. It was Mother St. Agustin Fernández Concha who took the initial steps regarding the canonization.

“It was on February 7th 1880; we were in the Good Shepherd Provincial House in Santiago […] I felt a great need to get up and go to the choir; I arrived when Father Didier started to expose the Most Blessed Sacrament […] I thought that I heard these words in my soul, as coming from the Heart of Jesus:

« I cannot wait to glorify my faithful sister who glorified me so much”

These words frequently resonated in my mind. When we started the canonization process, I did not hear them anymore.


Later: among the eight general questions asked of the witnesses in a process, one is: “Why do you want the canonization of God’s Servant?” 

Usually the answer given is: “For God’s glory”. However when they asked me, I could not reply anything else than “Because it is God’s will”. Then I explained the reason and they understood.

I can say with complete certainty that all this process is a miracle of the Heart of Jesus.”[1]

More information on Mother St. Agustin Fernández Concha life and prayer by clicking here.




[1] From the canonization process of Our Venerable Foundress Mother St. Mary Euphrasia Pelletier.