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Submitted by: monique
On: 27/09/2016

Antonia Luzmila was born on 13th June 1920 in Coracora, in the Ayacucho Region, Peru.

She entered the Congregation of Our Lady of Charity of the Good Shepherd in Lima in 1942 and received the name of Sister Mary Agustina but she was affectionately known as “Aguchita”.

Throughout her life she participated in the different apostolates of the province with joy and simplicity, always available to be of service. Her main concern was to support and promote women and young girls, without forgetting the opportunity to pass on the faith and prepare them to receive the sacraments. Her special commitment to the poor and people in need was the hallmark of her life!

Sister Agustina was murdered on 27th September 1990 in the village of La Florida, Chachamayo Province, in the centre of Peru, by a 17 year-old girl belonging to the terrorist group “Sendero Luminoso”

26 years after her death the whole Congregation remembers her as a bearer of life and peace.

“Live very full days! Life is too short…”

Notes from Sr. Agustina Rivas