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Cacs Meeting ends -Bringing the message back home

Submitted by: francoise
On: 22/08/2014

The participants including resource persons

The morning session began with a prayer of thanksgiving, then sister Janice presented the final draft of the assembly statement for voting.

After a pause for reflection, the statement was voted almost unanimously.

An evaluation of the assembly followed  with three questions:

What was helpful?

What we would like to change?

What was challenging?

Then particpamts went into various groupings to share on how they plan to bring the message back.

 The morning concluded with a group photograph.

In the afternoon sr Brigid gave her final message and we ended with the closing ceremony.

 Excerpt of Sr Brigid’s Message

“During these days, we have seen the face of God.  We who live on this earth are living icons of God’s love.  Together, we experienced this love.  Together we have reverenced God.  We have made a difference!  We have made a difference by looking more deeply at how you, my dear contemplative sisters, position yourselves as contemplatives in an apostolic congregation.   You have expressed a strong, clear identity in which you are comfortable.  Article One is no longer new to us!  Yes, we have made a difference - just like the butterfly when she flaps her wings - our actions during this Assembly have likewise impacted our congregation and the universe.”

Elected Delegates to the Congregational Chapter