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“Caring for Creation”

Submitted by: francoise
On: 17/08/2014

  The theme for this  day was“Caring for Creation”

A paper entitled: Extract from the Conference given by Guillermo Kerber, at the World Council of Churches, Geneva,   on 06/05/2013” was distributed for personal reading and reflection.

 The participants were asked to go deeper in their reflection:

 What touches me and why ?  What is the prophetic call now?

 After personal reflection, there was a plenary session.


Some of the feedbacks were as follows:


  1. Creation is a gift of God and it is part of me. Harmony and balance in creation are necessary.
  2. Respect and care for the earth… incarnated prayer for creation.
  3. The old and new testament call me to the Contemplation of God  to the appreciation of all the Gift God gave to me.
  4. I pray that governments will protect creation. We all have the responsibility to protect creation not only for now but for the future generations
  5. All countries need to do more for care of the  planet … both rich and poor countries
  6. My call is to be more connected with creation; Creation is an icon of the face of God.

Then the sisters were asked to formulate some priorities in relation to creation.

The following are some points presented:

  1. Conservation of resources eg. energy, water etc
  2. Action and advocacy
  3. Don’t waste water
  4. Use public transport
  5. Avoid using plastic bags
  6. Renew, reuse recycle

In the afternoon we reviewed the three days on justice and tried to come to a consensus on key words that will give direction for the future.

The following is a  sample of keywords:

  1. Listen to the cry of the earth and the cry of people living in poverty.
  2. Transformation into Christ.
  3. Promote human dignity
  4. Promote Reconciliation
  5. Thirst for the absolute
  6. Careful use of resources
  7. pray to protect the creation of God
  8. Respond to congregational requests for prayer and action
  9. Promote friendship and inter-religious dialogue
  10. See the face of God in others
  11. Renew recycle reuse
  12. Use action and advocacy
  13. Recognize creation as a living icon of the face of God

We continued with a reflection on the gospel of Mark: The Syrophoenician Woman - Mark 7:24-30

We dramatized the gospel scenes and afterward shared our reflections.

Our mission partners Elizabeth Poulain, left, Ma. Lucrecia Loaiza and Arlene Clement   shared their experience with us and we expressed our appreciation.

The day finished with a word of thanks to sister Hedwig.