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Congregational Assembly of Contemplative Sisters

Submitted by: francoise
On: 03/08/2014


“I have come into personal contact with Eternal Love
through the Blessed Sacrament.
In my inner self, I have experienced the goodness

and loving kindness of Jesus our Saviour.
Now the Redeemer’s love guides me”

Blessed Maria Droste



The Congregational Assembly of Contemplative Sisters will take place in Ecuador Quito from August 8-21,2014

The CACS planning committee is composed of Sisters:

Luz María Chacón-Garita           
Margarita Rodriguez-Olguin
Socorro Galvez       
Annette Perera    
Luz Marina Bolivar-Mora

The venue is the Center for Spirituality "María Auxiliadora", in the Parish of Cumbayá, in the suburban area of Quito, Ecuador. The full address is: Belisario Quevedo Street, OE2-229, Via Lumbisi - Quito, Ecuador. The climate is generally mild, with some variance (from 7° to 26° Celsius/ 45° to 79° Fahrenheit).




“We, the Planning Committee of the Congregational Assembly of Contemplative Sisters, in the spirit of St. Mary Euphrasia, “the smile of God”, would like to warmly welcome you, to this wonderful international experience.

United in the Heart of Jesus and Mary, we pray to Blessed Maria Droste, that she may intercede, with Jesus the Good Shepherd, for abundant light and graces to our Congregational Assembly, in order for us to renew our contemplative life.”

From the letter sent by the CACS Planning Committee