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Creation/ Eco Spirituality - As human beings we are intimately connected with one another and the whole universe

Submitted by: francoise
On: 14/08/2014

Our third mission partner Mrs Arlene Clement from New York was presented to the assembly.

 The prayer was led   by the New York province on the theme of creation.

Sr Luz Maria presented Teresa Mc Cormack   our presenter for the day’s programme.

The theme of the day was Creation/ Eco Spirituality.

 She gave us a dramatic presentation of the story of the universe inviting us to be aware that as human beings we are the conscious part of the universe. We come forth from the universe.

We were invited to recognise the kingdom of God deep within us and we were helped to go deeper inside ourselves and in the silence and tranquillity to commune with God.

She also explained the principles of the universe namely: Diversity, interiority and communion.


As human beings we are intimately connected with one another and the whole universe

 She presented a powerpoint  on “ Life in Two Halves on the human-spiritual journey” 


The first part of life is about building the sense of ourselves as individuals.

 The second half of life is about going deeper letting go. Jung calls it “transcendence.”

The first half of life is about the self, me and mine; the second half of life is about all that is more than me – a move towards Oneness

But this process from the first half to the second half is not linear, rather it is circular, it is somewhat like the snake shedding skin over and over again.

        We let go of the old in order to grow into the new, not once, but many times throughout our lives.

The invitation of the second half is to throw our nets into the deep           (John 21)

“I have come not to abolish the law, but to fulfill it.” …to serve its intended purpose. (Matt. 5)

As we grow and develop, new images come to mind, we were invited to reflect on our images of God and how they have changed over the years.

In the afternoon we continued the reflection of the awareness of God in all of creation and the importance of living in the present moment.  We are spiritual beings but live through our human reality. So much of ourselves and others is mystery and we were challenged to let that  mystery reveal itself to us.


We were  invited to include our body in prayer and we took part in a free dance using our hands to accompany the music. We continued with an exercise in body awareness, letting go of all tensions  and we were led into the depth of ourselves where we meet God.