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Discernment Process for the Election of Delegates to the Congregational Chapter

Submitted by: francoise
On: 19/08/2014

We began by a prayer prepared by the cacs Committee

This day was the Discernment Process for the Election of Delegates to the Congregational Chapter. It was a day of silence. Sr Janice addressed the assembly and gave an orientation to the process as preparation for the election of Chapter delegates.


She then invited the participants to listen to the word of GOD, to be a prayerful, dialogical and a contemplative community and to prepare our own minds and hearts for the privilege and responsibility that lies before us.

The sisters then went into their Regional Groups (Asia Pacific, North America, Latin America and Europe/ Rimoa) to begin the Discernment Process.

Each Contemplative Sister introduces herself by responding to the Guidelines suggested for Self-Presentation, and then they surfaced names of possible delegates.

 In the afternoon, Sisters returned to the large group to continue the process.

Any sister who felt she has a legitimate reason for withdrawing her name from the slate, dialogued with the Wisdom Group of the CCLT

Every sister, whose name remained on the slate, returned to the Assembly room where she was available to meet the Delegates for informal dialogue

When all consultations were over the sisters continued their  discernment before the Blessed Sacrament.