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Election of delegates to the Congregational Chapter

Submitted by: francoise
On: 20/08/2014

The day opened with a prayer to the Holy Spirit and the election of delegates followed.

The elections were carried out in an atmosphere of prayer and reflection, here are the results.

 At Mid-day, we had a joyful celebration  of liturgy in honour of St John Eudes

Elected delegates to the Congregational Chapter

From Left to right: Bridget Kanjirakattu, Raquel Toledo, Luz María Chacón, Maureen Johnson, Mirian Colala,
María Jose Ernesto Lima, Agnes Baron, Elena Jalop,Lily Devasia

Asia Pacific

Elena Jalop   

Bridget Kanjirakattu   

Patricia Perera

Latin America

Luz María Chacón 

Mirian Colala           

María Jose Ernesto Lima

María Antonia García 

Europe /Rimoa

Agnes Baron
Lily Devasia

Fe de Paz

North America

Raquel Toledo

Maureen Johnson

Frances Marie Ellul

In the afternoon time was given for the discussion on the Prologue of our Constitutions.

There was feedback in the large group and Participants were invited to send their written suggestions to   Sr Anne Josephine.

 In the evening, there was a colourful social of dress, music, dance and food.


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