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Experience of the first contemplative council

Submitted by: francoise
On: 21/08/2014

The prayer was prepared by the province of Philippines on the theme of the Good shepherd. Sister Janice presented the third draft of the assembly report and gave some clarifications,She asked  us  to consider if the report reflected our experiences during the assembly and that Key themes were included.  After reflection there was sharing and feedback in the large group.


 Surfacing names  of potential Congregational Contemplative Councillors

The present council ( Sisters Reina Escobar, Jude Ellen Golumbieski, Teresa Pomar) shared their experience as councillors from their initial experience to today. Then they shared on the gifts and skills necessary for this role.

They spoke about the challenges of languages, different cultures, travel, continual adjustment and the challenge of living contemplative life in all kinds of situations.When speaking about qualities necessary for this role they talked about  the ability to build relationships  among themselves, to work as a team  with apostolic councillors and Congregational leader, to relate with province leaders and their contemplative councils and with contemplative sisters.

 They talked about capacity to listen, to accept responsibility, to be discreet, to be open and flexible, to know and live the essential elements of their contemplative life and  to have good knowledge of our constitutions and Province administrative manual.

They need to have the  ability to distinguish between local, province and congregational issues,willingness to learn the link language was considered essential. Then the participant were invited to add other qualities they considered necessary . They mentioned prudence,ability to take risks, to be humble , simple and available.

Afterwards participants were asked to write the names of three sisters they considered capable of being contemplative councillors.             

Participants then divided into regional groupings (Asia -Pacific,Europe Rimoa, Latin America an North America) and reflected of the creation of regional council where necessary, they also discussed different forms of networking and linking together.

GSN 276 August CACS 2014

Latin America RIMOA EUROPE  
Asia Pacific North America