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LIVING ARTICLE I - What Does It Mean to Be Contemplative Sisters in an Apostolic Congregation?

Submitted by: francoise
On: 14/08/2014

The Prayer was prepared by the unit of Colombo Venezolana. 

Sr. Janice presented the topic of the day   LIVING ARTICLE I -What Does It Mean to Be Contemplative Sisters in an Apostolic Congregation?

Then the Cacs Committee presented the Summary Report from the reflections of the sisters in preparation for the Assembly:

  • Apostolic Incarnational Prayer
  • Enclosure of the Heart
  • Mission of Reconciliation

Summary Report : Full text 

Reflection questions as follows were distributed to participants.  

  1. What happens inside me as I ponder these responses? What are my reactions?
  2. What calls or challenges do I experience?
  3. What questions arise from inside myself?

Table Conversation followed.

In the afternoon there was a plenary sharing.

Below are some of the reflections from the participants.

  1. Balance between prayer and mission necessary
  2.  Deepening of the Constitutions.
  3. Find the balance concerning the going out.
  4.   Be attentive to our Prayer time, do not miss the essentials.
  5. Balance in the use of technology.
  6. In  contemplative Communities when  we are asked to welcome people, take care of  the balance between Community life and prayer.
  7.  Avoid  activism, find  the balance between prayer study.
  8. Vocation promotion does not mean, we have to go out , motivate our lay partners to do this for us.
  9. It is important to promote the spirituality of Creation.
  10.   Good communication between apostolic and contemplative sisters is important.
  11.  How do we prepare young sisters to face the future?
  12.   The enclosure of heart and prayer for the mission of reconciliation is not only for contemplative  sisters but also for apostolic, this is an aspect of our  complementarity.

During the day   there was a sale of the product   made by the women in Ecuador.

Sharing Fair Sale Presentation of Mission Partners Contemplative sisters thanking the Contemplative CLT

After supper our mission partners from Angers,Elizabeth Poulain and Ma. Lucrecia Loaiza from Costa Rica were introduced to the participants then the contemplative sisters offered nice bouquets of flowers  to Sr Brigid and the councillors thanking them for their support and service over the years.


Following this presentation, an  Equatorian musical group entertained us with the typical local dances.

Marie Françoise Mestry