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Presentation on Justice and Peace -Hedwig Jöhl, RGS

Submitted by: francoise
On: 15/08/2014

Sr Reina presented Sr Hedwig, the presenter of the day.

 She began her presentation with a prayer on   Justice and Peace   which was the theme of the day. The first draft of the assembly statement was presented and opened to assembly for responses.

 Sr Hedwig   distributed a number of papers for our reflection, the first was the Pope's Address to Representatives of the Churches Ecclesial Communities and Other Religions

We were asked to reflect on this and underline key words.

Afterwards the key words were shared with the whole assembly.
A sample of the words were:

Transforming relationships

Solidarity with the poor

 Responsibility in relation to creation and to the whole of creation.

 Defense of Human dignity


All words were place on the white board and commented by Sr Hedwig, there was an interaction between the presenter and the participants concerning the pope’s document.

 In the afternoon, Sr Hedwig  gave an input on the paper “THE PONTIFICAL COUNCIL FOR INTERRELIGIOUS DIALOGUE”  

 The PCID (THE PONTIFICAL COUNCIL FOR INTERRELIGIOUS DIALOGUE)  is the central office of the Catholic Church for the promotion of interreligious dialogue in accordance with the spirit of the Second Vatican Council, in particular the declaration "Nostra Aetate". It has the following responsibilities:

  1. to promote mutual understanding, respect and collaboration between Catholics and the followers of others religious traditions;
  2. to encourage the study of religions;
  3. to promote the formation of persons dedicated to dialogue.

She highlighted the phrase:

Dialogue is a two-way communication. It implies speaking and listening, giving and receiving, for mutual growth and enrichment. It includes witness to one's own faith as well as an openness to that of the other.

We reflected and shared on the gospel story of the Samaritan women as an example of Dialogue and going beyond boundaries.

 The bible story of Esau and Jacob   was presented as an example of reconciliation and  we had creative process and role play as we reflected on the  story. We were reminded that Reconciliation is  a process which can take 20 years, one year or one week. Much  deepens on how we cope with any particular situation.

Link to Justice Peace Page

August  13 - Outing

Lake of  Blood St Anna Church Sisters taking a rest after their walk

On the 7th day of the meeting we had an outing. There were two propositions for the group. 0ne group could go to the “Middle of the World” and the other one to Otaballo and its surroundings (the lago de sangre)    Lake of blood

 St Antonio - craftsmanship (Wood)  

Cotacachi -  craftsmanship (Leather)

 Otavallo   Handicraft in different items

Unfortunately on the eve of the outing there has been an Earthquake of 5.1 magnitudes which caused buildings to sway. We really felt the tremor here in our center.  Because of this, the site of “Middle of the earth”   was closed to the public and all the group went to Otaballo.

We had a marvelous sunny day and we saw the Laguna Yahuarcocha – Lago de sangre.      "Lake of Blood"   is named after a historical event occurred on its shores: the last battle of resistance against the invading Incas by the Caranquis troops. After Incas victory, the Incas stabbed all the survivors and threw their bodies into the lake. 

We visited St Anna church in St Antonio, and then proceeded to the two other places and sisters had the possibility of purchasing crafts from a wide variety of colourful locally made goods.

Sr. Marie Françoise Mestry