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Returning to the source - Original Inspiration of St. Mary Euphrasia in Founding the Sisters of St. Magdalen.

Submitted by: francoise
On: 13/08/2014

The day began by a prayer on St Mary Euphrasia prepared by the Sisters of Europe BFMN .

Sr Janice introduce the theme of the day “returning to the source”

 A drama  was presented by  the Contemplative Sisters representing the Original Inspiration of St. Mary Euphrasia in Founding the Sisters of St. Magdalen.

See full text in the Document section.

A short time of reflection followed and  a questionnaire was distributed with the following questions.


As you reflect on SME’s founding intentions, what resonates with your own experience of being called to this way of life?

Which of these founding intentions, continues to resonate with your experience through the years?

What supports your way of life?

In the afternoon two sisters (Sr Agnes and Sr Mercedes) spoke about their experiences of changes in Contemplative life  and how they found new energy  through their experiences



Sister Janice led the sisters on a reflexion “movements of challenges and transformations”

She invited the sisters to reflect upon significant shifts and changes that have occurred through the years and how they may have caused identity confusion and lack of clarity, how they have had an impact on the way the Contemplative Sisters see themselves, and also how these challenges may have instilled new life and energy.

There were personal reflection then sharing in groups and finally feedback in the large assembly.

There was also clarification on different questions; one point was initials for the sisters, we no longer use CGS. All sisters use RGS.

Marie Françoise Mestry

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