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TERESA FERNANDEZ OLMEDO PROVINCE LEADER OF MEXICO On December 19, 2019, during the chapter of unification of the province of Mexico, in the House of the Good Shepherd of Saltillo, Coahuila, the sisters of the new province have chosen Sister Teresa Fernandez Olmedo, as province leader. Sister Teresa Fernandez Olmedo was born on June 24, 1964, in Magdalena de Aráceo, Guanajuato. She joined the congregation in 1987. She made her first profession in 1992 and perpetual profession in 1997. She has a degree in clinical psychology. She has received training for trainers and leadership for mission... more
The Mystery of the Incarnation: Revelation of the Triune God as a Vulnerable God Brother Simón Pedro Arnold, OSB LCWR Assembly – August 10, 2018 – St. Louis, Missouri The Kenosis of God: Icon of the Consecrated Life From an early age I have felt an insistent call to a contemplative life lived among the poorest of this world, intuiting, however ambiguously, that the God of Jesus cannot be found elsewhere. I have been seeking this God, revealed to me in the poor of Peru, for forty-four years, together with a spirituality of the “other” in the Andes. The reflections that I share here come not... more
Mary Salomi Cruz Province Leader Province Of Singapore-Malaysia Sister Mary Salomi Cruz was appointed Province Leader of the Province of Singapore-Malaysia on 3 December 2019. The Province Chapter was held from 28 November to 3 December 2019 in Singapore. Her mandate will begin on 24 April 2020. Born in Port Klang, Selangor, Malaysia on 27 February 1959, she entered the Congregation in 1983 and made her Perpetual Profession on 21 February 1993. Salomi is currently doing a Bachelor Degree programme in Psychology in Singapore. Her training includes Early Childhood Education, Psychology/... more
Pushpa Louis Province Leader Province of Central East India/Nepal Sr. Pushpa Louis was elected Province Leader of the Province of Central East India/Nepal on 21 st November, 2019. Her mandate will begin on 5 th January, 2020. The Province Chapter was held at the Provincialate in Nagpur, Maharashtra, India from 16 th to 23 rd November, 2019. Pushpa was born in Kadiapatnam, Tamil Nadu in 1966 and entered the Congregation in Bangalore, in 1985. She made her perpetual profession in 1993. Pushpa obtained a Certificate in Social Work, a Bachelor’s degree in 1998, Master’s Degree in Sociology in... more
Maryanne Perera Province Leader Province of Sri Lanka/Pakistan Sr. Maryanne Perera was elected Province Leader of Sri Lanka/Pakistan on 20 th November 2019 at the Province Chapter held from 12 th to 22 nd November in Sri Lanka. Sr. Maryanne was born on 8 th April 1966 to her devout parents Gerard and Edith Perera. She made her First Commitment on 12 th December 1989 and her Final Commitment on 12 th December 1994. She holds Bachelor’s Degrees in Theological Studies and in Arts. Also, she carries a Certificate of Recognition from the Institute of Spiritual Formation of Asia on Formative... more
Florentine Raharinirina Unit Leader of The Islands Réunion / Maurice / Madagascar Sister Florentine Raharinirina was appointed Unit Leader of the Islands. Her mandate will begin on 25 March 2020. The District Assembly was held in Madagascar from 9 to 16 November 2019. Sr. Florentine was born in Madagascar on October 30, 1968. She made her first profession in 1993 and her perpetual profession in 2005, in Madagascar. Sr. Florentine holds a diploma in Formation in Pastoral and Religious Studies of the Catholic University of Lyon (France). She took other trainings, including: spiritual... more
Marlene Beatriz Acosta Tixi Province Leader Peru On October 30, during the XI Provincial Chapter of Peru at the Retreat House of the Good Shepherd in Lima, Peru, the sisters of the Province elected Sister Marlene Beatriz Acosta Tixi as Provincial Leader. Sister Marlene was born in Tarma on November 28, 1968. She made her first profession in the Congregation on April 24, 1992. She has a Degree in Psychology. She carried out many responsibilities in the Congregation: She worked in the insertion community of “Pino y Barrios Altos” in Lima; she accompanied Pre-Novices in Lima; she worked with... more
The new Bon Pasteur Center inaugurated in Kolwezi, DR Congo. A safe and supportive space where children can learn, grow and thrive. In a joyful and emotional ceremony, the new Bon Pasteur Centre was officially inaugurated on September 20th in the presence of representatives of the entire community, local authorities, CSOs, business community and funding partners. The center comprises 14 newly equipped classrooms to instruct roughly 1,000 children hailing from the artisanal cobalt mining community of Kanina – Domain Marial, Kolwezi, DR Congo. The Centre will host the activities of the Child... more
It is my privilege to share with you some reflections relative to what is meant by "commissioning" and why it is so appropriate a term to use for this event. Today, our volunteers officially join us in a formal relationship to walk with us in mission to all served in Good Shepherd. They share not only in what we do, but who we are. Their words and the reception of their GSV symbols now give them the authority, you might say, to officially represent us as co-missioners, to act and speak in our name, and most especially to witness to our core values, those values now passed on to them by our... more
Moliehi Juliet Khasoane Unit Leader Community of South Africa The Sector Assembly of South Africa was held from the 10-14 October 2019 in Pretoria, South Africa. Sr. Moliehi Juliet Khasoane was appointed as the New Unit leader (Local Leader) of the Community of South Africa. She began her mandate on the 14 October 2019 for three years. Juliet was born on the 14 th April 1967 in Lesotho. She made her Perpetual Profession in April 2012 with the Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart in South Africa. On 22 July 2014 she began her 3-year probation period to transfer to our Congregation and on the... more