Prayer Network

Title Documents
Prayer Network- November 2017 PDF icon Women, Beyond Violence, Resilience.pdf
Prayer Network - October 2017 PDF icon Prayer for International Day of the Girl.pdf
Prayer Network - September 2017 PDF icon AGUCHITA LIVES 27 Sept 2017.pdf
Prayer Network - August 2017 PDF icon PRAYER FOR ALL THE CHILDREN IN THE WORLD.pdf
Prayer Network - July 2017 PDF icon Prayer for an End to Human Trafficking.pdf
Prayer Network - June 2017 PDF icon World Refugee Day Prayer.pdf
Prayer Network - May 2017 PDF icon Fatima Centenary.pdf
Prayer Network - April 2017 PDF icon PRAYER FOR OUR EARTH - APRIL 2017.pdf
Prayer Network - March 2017 PDF icon Woman that Makes the Way.pdf
Prayer Network - February 2017 PDF icon Live!_Love!_Walk!_–_The_Social_Justice_Imperative.pdf
Prayer Network - January 2017 PDF icon A_Prayer_for_Just_Peace_and_Non_Violence.pdf
Prayer Network - December 2016 PDF icon Prayer_for_Human_Rights.pdf
Prayer Network - November 2016 PDF icon Prayer_Network_-_November_2016.pdf
Prayer Network - October 2016 PDF icon Prayer_Service_for_the_International_Day_of_the_Girl_Child.pdf
Prayer Network - September 2016 PDF icon PRAYER_FOR_PEACE-_INTERNATION_WORLD_DAY_OF_PEACE_-_English_September_2016.pdf
Prayer Network - August 2016 PDF icon August_2016_-_Children_are_a_Gift_from_God.pdf
Prayer Network - July 2016 PDF icon NGO_Network_Prayer_for_July_2016.pdf
Prayer Network - June 2016 PDF icon Prayer_Network_-_June_2016_-_In_Solidarity_with_our_Displaced_Sisters_and_Brothers1.pdf
Prayer Network - May2016 PDF icon Prayer_Network_-_May_2016_-_Dignity_of_Work_and_the_Rights_of_Workers.pdf
Prayer Network - April 2016 PDF icon Prayer_Network_April_2016_-_Entering_Into_the_Order_of_Creation.pdf