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IN THIS YEAR 2018 The lamp in the Oratory of St. Mary Euphrasia at the Mother House burns for the intentions of the Congregation. JANUARY 01-06 Peace in the World 07-13 Congregational Leadership Team 14-20 Central South US 21-27 All participants in our ministries 28-03 Peru FEBRUARY 04-10 Eastern Central Africa (Kenya, Congo, South Sudan, Uganda) 11-17 Italy-Malta 18-24 North Mexico 25-03 Indonesia MARCH 04-10 West Africa (Senegal, Burkina Faso) 11-17 Intentions of Pope Francis 18-24 New York-Toronto 25-31 Europe-BFMN (Belgium, France, Hungary, Netherlands) APRIL 01-07 Southeast Latin America... more
On November 11 we started, I think we can call this session, the way of "transformation by the Spirit" . In response to the call of the Congregational Leadership Team, we have gathered the Leadership Teams of 6 Provinces: Angola, Central America, Colombo Venezolana, Ecuador, Portugal and Southeast Latin America. The symbol of the meeting has helped us to deepen the experience of being leaders at the present time. Like the butterfly, which, starting from being a caterpillar goes through a complete transformation process until it reaches the flying stage, we have been invited to become aware of... more
MELITTA FRAGNER Province Leader Österreich/Schweiz/Czech Sister Melitta Fragner was appointed the Province Leader of Österreich/ Schweiz/Czech for a second term of three years. Her mandate will begin on 8 th December 2017. The Province Chapter was held in Vienna, Austria from 21-24 October 2017. Melitta entered the congregation in Austria and made her perpetual profession on 30 th August 1975. Melitta has pursued studies in the fields of domestic sciences, psychology and education theory, leadership training, and theology. She is fluent in English and also speaks French. Her apostolic... more
We pray for our sisters in the province of Austria - Switzerland - Czech Republic during Chapter days. The Chapter begins on the 21st to 24th October, 2017. May the Holy Spirit guide them and help them to set the world on fire with God's love.more
Maria de Fátima Coelho Pires Province Leader of Portugal During the Province Chapter, which was held in Fatima, Portugal, from the 2-9 October 2017, Sr. Maria de Fátima Coelho Pires, was elected Province Leader of Portugal. Fatima was born on 8 th August 1958 in Azores – Portugal, and entered the Congregation in Ermesinde, Portugal on 31 st July 1984. She made her perpetual profession on 29 th September 1992 in Azores, Portugal. Her educational background includes a Bachelor of Education from the Pontifical Salesian University in Rome, Italy; a Degree in Psychology from the Pontifical... more
For a period of time, the congregation was present in Algeria. Recently, we received from S. Aline Séguin, a sister in Canada and former missionary to Algeria, copies of correspondence that she had written back to her province in the 1970’s. With her permission, we share these letters with you. They reflect the great missionary zeal and deep commitment of our sisters to the Algerian people and a renewed sense of Church and religious life identity as they faced great cultural, political, and religious identity changes. The personal experience, questions, and transformation of these sisters has... more
We pray for our sisters in the province of Portugal during Chapter days. The Chapter begins on the 2nd to 9th Octobre, 2017. May the Holy Spirit guide them and help them to set the world on fire with God's love.more
Communication from Sr. Ellen to all Unit Leaders : Dear Sisters and Partners in Mission, As we remember the anniversary of the death of Sr. Aguchita on 27 September, we are happy to share with you the attached information from Bishop Gerardo Zerdin. Bishop Zerdin of the Vicariate of San Ramon, Peru, published the Edict announcing the opening of Aguchita’s Cause (see attached). As part of the Tribunal process, it is required to submit any writings as described in the Edict to the Postulator, Dr. Waldery Hilgeman. If anyone has any private writings of Aguchita, a copy of these may be sent by... more
Sr. Maria Juanita "Nenet" Daño, far left, with drug users who came forward for counseling. At far right is the barangay (area) chairperson. (Contributed photo) by Ma. Ceres P. Doyo Manila, Philippines After emerging from a face-to-face meeting with six drug users, Sr. Maria Juanita "Nenet" Daño heaves a small sigh of relief that perhaps these men will not meet a bloody end like dozens of others in the San Andres Bukid slum area in Manila, where she works. They have come forward to undergo counseling, hoping to change their ways and avoid becoming victims in the government's ongoing anti-drug... more
During the 9 days which precede the celebration of our Founder, we ask Jesus and Mary, the Superiors of our Congregation, so that the power of the Holy Spirit fills our hearts. So, the Spirit of the truth will cleanse us of all which clutters our internal life and the Spirit of freedom will urge us to love more and to give us to the mission "Cord magno et animo volenti.” Every day, after the brief proposed meditation, we’ll pray Ave Cor (if possible in community or in a group). This novena can be done by the incorporated and the candidates, by the friends and the partners, and by all the... more