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Webinar #1 – 12 th May 2020 Dear Sisters, Partners in Mission, and Friends, Thank you to all those who participated in the first webinar of Conversations with Br. Philip Pinto. Wasn’t Brother Pinto inspirational, challenging, and re-assuring! This virus is not our enemy, but this “stranger” trying to teach us another way of living life… Do you know that nearly 500 of us gathered around communities either alone or in our small community groupings getting used to a new way of being together and to a new communication technology. We apologise again to our Spanish, French, and Italian speakers... more
We are perplexed by the chaos that has set in again on the planet. A great fear has taken over humanity, a veil of mourning covers the world, fear, crying and pain have put us in a condition of powerlessness and strange equality. Our consecrated life and that of all Christians, cannot give up or remain silent; they must announce Hope and be a point of light in the midst of chaos! Our subject is faith in the Word and in the history of our redemption, looking with confidence at the Crucified and believing in the Resurrection. We remember God's people crossing the desert, described in Numbers 21... more
In This Issue : P. 3 - Message of Sr Ellen Kelly. By Communications Office P. 4 - We are all Migrants. By Province of Colombo/Venezolana P. 5– Partnership in MIssion By Sr. Andrea Mac Eachen P. 7 - Like Hoffman. By Chris Kalinski P. 9 - Spreading Love across the World. By Meeka P. 10 - From New York /Toronto Unit to Rome. By Sr. Mary Farren P. 11 - A Structure at the service of the Mission. By Hubert H.M. Janssen P. 12– The Blessing of the international experience. By Liam Michael Quinn P. 14 - Support in the time of COVID-19 Crisis. By GSIF Office P. 16– Response To COVID-19 By GSJP Office P... more
New York City has always thought of itself as the Center of the universe. Well, here we are, 2020, the Epicenter of the USA COVID-19 pandemic! It causes a New Yorker to think. Living in this center, I am nevertheless at the margins since my age qualifies me as “non-essential” in the pandemic. My only job is to stay indoors and add no burden to the overrun health system. Ministry activities I was active in are now closed to me. In this situation I seek a center. My heart turns to those who staff our province programs, especially the residential sites since that has been my work for so many... more
April 24, 2020 St. Mary Euphrasia Feast Message of Sr. Ellen Kelly, Congregational Leader Dear Sisters and Partners in Mission, On this Feast of our Foundress, we pray and reflect on this woman, St. Mary Euphrasia who lived so long ago, but still is alive in us. She continues to guide us and challenge us to live our charism of merciful love. She was a true daughter of St. John Eudes and the spirituality of our Congregation is centered on the person of Christ with devotion to the Heart of Jesus and Mary. Mary Euphrasia saw the image of God in every person, no matter what their life had been... more
A time for being open and receptive I find a place that I like, I sit or I walk – I am aware of my body – I concentrate on my breathing – I place myself in an attitude of surrender – I welcome my feelings that emerge– the pandemic, the boundaries that close-in the sick – the fear to be contaminated – the lockdown…. I become aware of what is going on within me- my reactions to the situation – the radical change in my daily life. I name what is going on within me – my feelings that are (arising in me)running through me - my fears – my hopes – my expectations – my desires. I open myself … I... more
SR. MARY SUSAN FIGUEROA MONTANO Province Leader Province of Philippines/Japan Susan Montano was elected Province Leader of the Province of Philippines/Japan on 18 th March, 2020, during the Province Chapter held in Quezon City, Philippines, March 16 to 21, 2020. Her mandate will begin on June 29, 2020. Susan was born on the 16 th of December, 1951, in Manila. She made her perpetual profession on June 11, 1988, in her hometown in Tanza, Cavite. Having obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, with a major in Accounting, Susan has had varied experiences in working with big... more
I saw a Man dress in white and tired in pouring rain and the cold wind climbing slowly towards the altar load of pain of suffering but also of hope. I saw a Man elderly limping take the many stairs with on his shoulders all the pain in the world. I saw a Man concentrated in his silence quivering in his prayer beg forgiveness of all sins of men and their Salvation. I saw a Man, man among men, rise above all and pray for everyone. I saw a Man say "nobody saves themselves" because we are not alone if we believe in God and in his Salvation. I saw a Man that, with all the other men in the world,... more
Dear Sisters and Partners in Mission, We celebrate the Feast of the Annunciation and reflect on a very young girl who had the courage to say “yes’ to a situation that risked her life. We know the story and the impact that Mary has had on our faith and others for centuries. How many countries turned to Mary in times of war, plague and famine? We too look to her. Now our world, our planet is in a moment of darkness as we hear each day how many more have died or now infected. We can turn to Mary and also to many who have gone before us and have lived the dark night of the soul. This pandemic is... more
We are happy to share with you this message comes from Catania: Thank you to Sr. Anna for bringing us messages from both the Congregational Leadership Team and Sister Angela and the Provincial Here, in the missions of Catania and Acireale, we are living an experience that none of us has ever previously encountered. On Monday 9 March, we activated the state of emergency to protect our 186 Unaccompanied Foreign Minors, Adults and Women with Children as well as our 60 Italian minors who are guests in our six Residential Child Care Facilities. Fortunately, no one in these groups has contracted... more