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An event not to be missed: the Commission on the Status of Women will be online this year! Register to be able to explore and participate: no need to travel to New York, a unique opportunity ... Join us at our Virtual Exhibit Booth at CSW 65 March 14 - 26. To access the Virtual Exhibit Booth one must register at https://ngocsw.org/ngocsw65/ . The Team Up Calendar - continues to be a work in progress - http://bit.ly/3kv9mma provides with you a range of events that will be happening at the Virtual Booth over the two weeks from Africa and the Middle East, Asia Pacific, Latin America, North... more
APRIL 10, 2020 ( CISA ) – sisters of the congregation of Our Lady of Charity of the Good Shepherd in Africa have expressed concern for beneficiaries of their programs as projects close down over Covid 19 pandemic. “The onset of COVID 19 has heavily affected the work of our religious communities and ministries in the region,” Sr Donatus Lili, the congregation’s regional designate for Africa said in a write-up sent to CISA. In Senegal, Srs Brigitte Ndione, and Jeanne Ndene noted that women empowerment and skills training has stopped and migrants and trafficked persons who found refuge in the... more
From the Japan/ Philippines Unit on their response to the current COVID-19 situation in their communities: “Our current response is minimal but meaningful. The province was in the middle of preparations and duration of the chapter when our government declared lockdown. Our priority is to adhere to the social distancing and promote solidarity.” Some of the highlights of the response are as follows: All the RGS-run schools are closed until further notice but online education platforms will be utilized to continue the learning and academic requirements. Most of our staff are on a work from home... more
Responses towards the global catastrophe – COVID 19 by Good Shepherd Sri Lanka The present global reality brings us to a very different experience in comparison to other disasters that we have faced in our life time. It is the worst ever crisis to strike the entire world. The Tsunami, flood situations, landslides, and the war are some of the devastating situations that affected our people. In such situations it was possible to support each other and we were able to reach out to the needy. But the reality of today calls us to go beyond our creativity to help those affected in different ways by... more
Chapter 3 provides a discussion of key regional dimensions of, and developments in, migration. The discussion focuses on six world regions, namely Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean, Northern America and Oceania. For each of these regions, the analysis includes: An overview and a brief discussion of key population-related statistics; and Succinct descriptions of “key features and developments” in migration in the region, based on a wide range of data, information, and analyses, including from international organizations, researchers and analysts. Overall, the chapter points... more
Fifth Annual Symposium on the role of Financing for Sustainable Development Towards an Economy of Life Economy of Life: Faith-based Perspectives on Economic Justice as a Moral Imperative Panel One will present a faith-based framing of financing for sustainable development, including the moral foundations for an Economy of Life that incorporates peace, justice and sustainability. It is an honour to be present with such distinguished panelists this morning, reflecting on “Faith-based Perspectives and Moral Imperatives that underpin an Economy of Life,” which in turn can frame and inform policy... more
The GSIJP Office expresses its gratitude to Marta Iris López Castillo, the outgoing NGO Regional Designate for Latin America and the Caribbean, who served faithfully from 2011 to 2018. Marta Iris contributed substantively and made a lasting impact at the regional and global level. We recognize and are grateful for her engagement in regional meetings, her efforts to integrate local sisters, her work on social protection and gender issues, and her fruitful partnership with Heidy Hochstatter and the Regional MDO in Latin America. We are grateful to the Provinces of Bolivia/Chile and Southeast... more
On September 27 and 28th the UN General Assembly and Member States will will review the Global Plan of Action to Combat Trafficking in Persons and issue a Political Declaration outlining the way forward in the fight against trafficking. We are concerned that the trafficking of women and girls under Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) Target 5.2 is falling under the radar for both Member States and the United Nations. For example, the recent High Level Political Forum reviewing SDG 5 made no reference to sex trafficking even though Target 5.2 specifically outlines the need to address the... more
A journey from unknown to representation, by Donatus Lili In a period of uncertainties, when the Sisters of Our Lady of Charity were merging with the Good Shepherd, I was the Justice Peace link for the Kenya province in 2016, and later the NGO Regional Designate for Africa in January 2017. On my first to-do list was to take a course on Sustainable Development (February –March). Sounds good, but no way, it is complex, demanding and engaging. The High Level Political Forum, the UN process which reviews Member States’ implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) was to be held in... more
UNANIMA International’s 2017 Woman of Courage: Marietta Latonio Marietta Latonio, advocate, researcher, professor of social work, and monitor and evaluation officer at Good Shepherd Welcome House, Cebu in the Philippines was awarded a ‘Woman of Courage’ by Sr Jean Quinn, Executive Director of UNANIMA International in recognition of her work and dedication. The Award was presented during an event moderated by Sr Angela Reed rsm ' Inherent Dignity, Real Choices: A Preventative Approach to Ending Trafficking for Sexual Exploitation' running parallel to the UN Commission for the Status of Women... more