Article by Sr. Helen Warburton Province of Great Britain Our Congregation first set foot on these shores in 1840 in the south of England, from where we gradually spread to all parts of England, Scotland, and Wales. We found our way to Manchester in the northwest in 1866. As the epicenter of the Industrial Revolution, the work in the city grew, and the Congregation needed more space. Eventually, the Sisters moved to Litchford Hall, Blackley, to accommodate this expansion. We have remained in this same property until now, albeit with various adaptations: major extensions, the building of a... more
Article by the Community of Practice for Non-Violence Against Women Province of Colombo-Venezolana Gender-based violence has been prevalent across Latin American throughout much of its history; for that reason, it is considered a public health problem by the World Health Organization. In fact, the Gender Equality Observatory for Latin America and the Caribbean reported that 4,555 women were victims of femicide in 2019, the second-highest rate of any world region. The COVID-19 health emergency has further exacerbated this situation and increased social inequalities in terms of access to rights... more
Article by Opportunity Village Nepal Province of Central East India-Nepal Nepal is a land-locked country nestled between China to the North and India to the South and belongs to the Province of Central East India-Nepal (CEIN). The country may be rich for its linguistic, ethnic, and religious diversity, but it remains one of the world's poorest – listed as one of the bottom 25% of countries in the global Human Development Index. Nepal's pride are the mighty Himalayas, but under their shadows the people have struggled with access to basic healthcare, poorly developed transportation and... more
Article by Maddie Thompson Good Shepherd Volunteer, Wickatunk, New Jersey I enjoy taking a walk around campus in the evening to catch the sunset, which paints the sky with incredible color. (Photo: Maddie Thompson) Like many service programs, Good Shepherd Volunteers roots itself in values and tenets that shape and guide a volunteer's service year. Good Shepherd Volunteers is committed to "honoring the Sisters of the Good Shepherd core values of individual dignity, mercy, reconciliation, and zeal for those suffering injustice, oppression and alienation by practicing the 4 Tenets of GSV :... more
Article by Sr. Clare Nolan Province of New York/Toronto Some years ago, I was invited to a discussion with a newly forming lay religious community in New York. I jumped at the opportunity since I found the invitation in keeping with our most recent Chapter Directions, expressed in these phrases: "…explore with fresh enthusiasm, …our relationship with God, …challenges, …create ways of living religious life that are relevant, …organizing flexible and life giving, …ways for mission." These words are enlivening to me. So, since that meeting, I have been involved with Benincasa Community, then... more
Province of Eastern Central Africa In recognition of its significant impact in fighting to eradicate the scourge of modern slavery, Bon Pasteur Kolwezi has won the Stop Slavery Hero Award at a global anti-slavery award ceremony held on Thursday, February 25, 2021. The Stop Slavery Hero Award is the most recent addition to eight categories of the Stop Slavery Awards presented by the Thomson Reuters Foundation to specifically recognize and celebrate companies and NGOs dedicated to the fight against all forms of modern slavery and human trafficking – whether on the frontline or on a global scale... more
Article by Sr. Kathleen Duggan Province of New York/Toronto Ten months ago today, our Good Shepherd Services' office in the Bronx, New York, closed due to the pandemic. Prior to closing the doors, we served foster children and young adults along with their families. Days were filled with therapy sessions, parenting and support groups, crisis intervention and domestic violence services, and multiple education, housing, and advocacy programs. The office also served as a safe space for the families and children in times of crisis as well as in times of celebration of their various life passages... more
Article by Sr. Gilda Fernando Province of New York/Toronto We are living in one of the most challenging times in our history! Toronto, once a province in Canada, has become a sector of the New York Province, which is now called the New York/Toronto Province. Most of our sisters are elderly. After a long period of reflection with sisters and mission partners, we decided to create a pathway to the future and use our resources in a way that will carry on our legacy. We were blessed to have resources that we didn’t need, so we sold our unused properties. We always believed that our resources are... more