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In this reflection for the beatification of Aguchita, we invite you to meditate, to pray, to share the mystery of what it means to be a DISCIPLE, a LIFE of DISCIPLE in TODAY's reality. In the last few weeks, we have been witnesses of what it meant in the life of Jesus to be a DISCIPLE LIFE that led him "even to death, and death on a cross" (Phil 2:8). To be a disciple of Jesus of Nazareth means to assume a way of life, the way Jesus made God visible, by setting at the centre of his love: "the person", especially those who were rejected by religious, political and social structures, that is to... more
Congregational Spiritual Center Angers - France October 26, 2021 "How can we recover?" asks Sister Margron. "We have not finished having to revisit everything. To do it with the witnesses who have been able to unseal their word, and who, through the tragedy, know with a unique knowledge what is false. (...) I receive your 45 recommendations as a sign of demanding confidence in the Church in France. It is also a sign of hope that we will be able to situate ourselves in the truth of humanity, to be responsible, to do justice and to reform everything that needs to be reformed. But not without... more
NDCBP Spiritual Centre October 13, 2021 ANGERS Dear sisters and mission partners, The new Spiritual Centre team is happy to contact you. We arrived in Angers not long ago, and October 20, the Feast of the Heart of Jesus, is a (good) opportunity to start something together! Here are some elements that can unite us in prayer: A Word file with suggestions that you can use 3 PowerPoint files (one in each official language of the Congregation). If you have the possibility, please send us your reactions or what you have prepared yourselves, it would be a sharing... Send them to: csc.coordinator@... more
We are currently going through an unprecedented global health crisis. In the Spirituality Centre in Angers, we thought it would be interesting to question ourselves. Searching the archives, we discovered the many epidemics faced by the communities in the Congregation, starting from the times of St. John Eudes and St. Mary Euphrasia up to today. At times when medical knowledge was still very limited, we wondered to what extent the communities and establishments had been affected. How did the Sisters and the people in their care face these trials? In various correspondences, the annals and the... more
Every year, during the summer months, the Sisters of the Mother House are very faithful to ensure a presence in Noirmoutier and to open the Birth House to the public. In March 2020 the lockdown began and we asked ourselves the question what will become of our activities in Noirmoutier. Luckily with the end of the lockdown we were able to organize our presence thanks to a team made up of some sisters from the international community, the Province and several mission partners. From the 2 nd of July to the 27 th of August we were present at the Birth House and every day the oratory was open to... more
Good Shepherd Museum in Angers: Christmas 2018 “LIFE is a TREASURE entrusted to us” was the theme for this year in reference to the encyclical “LAUDATO SI” in the year 2015 by Pope Francis. The visitors were invited to view a YouTube on the environment, from Caritas Canada: Development and Peace after visiting the cribs. How to protect Life which is a treasure for which we are all responsible for the coming generations? How to protect “Our common Home against the pollution of air, water and the earth; and to be a counter current to a “throw-away culture”? Can we change our way of life? An... more
November 21 st – Feast of the Presentation of Our Lady – A Feast with a biblical tradition. Icon of the Presentation in the temple of the Mother of God. By Hieromoine Cyrille. (bradette) There existed among the Jewish people the custom of consecrating to God some young children. They were brought to the Temple for the consecration ceremony. The Gospels tell us nothing about the childhood of Mary but tradition teaches us that she was solemnly offered to God in the temple. This presentation signifies the feast of the 21 st of November. In this icon we see the High Priest Zachary who inclines... more
Feast of Saint Jeanne Jugan August 30 th On the 30 th of August the Church celebrates the feast of Saint Jeanne Jugan, the foundress of the Congregation of the little Sisters of the Poor. Her religious name was Sister Mary of the Cross. Jeanne Jugan was born on October 25, 1792 in a small fishing village of Brittany, France. At the age 45 Jeanne formed a community dedicated to the poor and by 1854 there were 2400 little Sisters of the poor and had spread across Europe and across the Ocean. She was beatified by Pope John Paul II on October 3, 1982 and canonized by Pope Benedict XVI on October... more
July 31 st 2018 Growing in holiness, step by step We are all called to holiness. Saints are people like us; they made mistakes and even sinned. Rose Virginie (baptismal name of Mary Euphrasia), was a lively, mischievous and enthusiastic girl who liked to play all sorts of pranks. One day, she steals her cousin’s wig, while he is sleeping in the woods, and hangs it on his door. After reflecting on her actions, she prays Lord, make me better. I promise I will ask him to forgive me.”* Holiness grows with the ability to conversion, to repentance, to begin again and above all, the capacity of... more
Deepening our identity together from May 29 th to June 9 th 2018 This session brought together 12 sisters and one mission partner for the whole session. Two sisters from the community of St. Peter that resides in the Mother House joined the group for the last four days of retreat. There were 11 English speaking sisters coming from India (2), Sri Lanka(7) and South Korea(2); 2 French speaking participants, 1 sister from Canada and one mission partner from Angers. The first five days were consecrated to St. John Eudes and St. M. Euphrasia. This included 3 pilgrimages, Caen, Noirmoutier, Tours... more