Good Shepherd International Foundation, 10th anniversary

Celebrating 10 years of partnership in mission of the Good Shepherd International Foundation


In 2008, the Sisters of Our Lady of Charity of the Good Shepherd created the Good Shepherd International Foundation (GSIF), to write a new and ambitious chapter in the history of the Congregation, inspired by St. John Eudes and founded by St. Mary Euphrasia. In the past decade, the visionary zeal of the founders has inspired many people across Africa, Asia, Latin America, Europe and North America to come together and work with the Foundation to change the lives of more than 200,000 girls, women and children living in poverty and victims of violence and other forms of violation of human rights. Originally established by the Good Shepherd Sisters as a Mission Development Office in Rome, over the years the Foundation has grown from one-person office into an international organization, which has recently received the ‘High-Performing Non Profit’ Award from Fondazione Lang Italia, a leading European philanthropic advisor.

On 7 April 2019, the Congregation together with the Good Shepherd International Foundation invited sisters, partners and friends from all over the world to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of GSIF in Rome, participating in an event that involved more than 120 international attendees. After the welcome messages of Sr. Ellen Kelly, Congregational Leader, and Sr. Elaine Basinger, President of the GSIF, interesting conference talks moderated by Vatican Radio brilliant journalist Lucas Duran were offered to a particularly engaged  audience. International partners presented their experience of collaboration and partnership with GSIF and discussed about the unique model of intervention of the Foundation to support the development of the mission, to ensure that each women, girl and child, especially the most vulnerable, can enjoy fullness of life.

During the event, the GSIF bestowed the special award “Outstanding Partner in Mission” on those partners who have committed to achieving its mission through their passion, talent and generosity. Ms. Halena NG of Harris Fraser VCF and Ms. Lisa Oak on behalf of Oak Foundation were awarded, respectively, for the category “major donor” and “foundation” for their generous support to Good Shepherd missions and GSIF long-term plans. As a sister who stood out for her dedication to the mission development work in US and her stewardship in cultivating relations with American donors.  Sr. Mary Carolyn (Province of Mid-North America) was awarded, as well as Mr. Hubert Janssen, GSIF board member, and Ms. Cristina Duranti, director of GSIF, for their outstanding service to the Good Shepherd International Foundation from its very beginning.

The celebration continued with the appreciated screening of a video, featuring the ten years evolution of the Foundation and stories from all the countries where sisters and global partners joined forces with GSIF to reach and bring positive change in lives of hundreds of thousands of people. The Tri-Tone Ensemble, a group of talented musicians, pleasantly closed the evening performing its Sounds from the world musical program that wished to pay homage to the tradition of music from all the continents of the Good Shepherd global partners.

“GSIF has met the challenges of today through an inspiring path. It remains committed to a process of inclusive sustainable development, energized by a vision of the unique worth and dignity of each person”, Sr. Elaine Basinger commented on the celebration of the achievements of this first decade of mission partnership. GSIF aims to continue to grow thanks to the passion and the generosity of a unique global network of partners, renewing everyday its strong commitment toward the Good Shepherd mission: ‘ensure that each woman, girl and child, especially the most vulnerable, can enjoy fullness of life.