International Migrants Day, in the Motherhouse

On Sunday December 17th, as part of the exhibition “Cribs of the world” linked with the theme “The Migrants” and for International Migrants Day, the Congregational Spirituality Centre put on the movie “C’est comma ça” (“That’s how it is”) in the Motherhouse and opened the event to the public.   

This movie produced by Julien Aouidad shows the history of immigration to Angers in the 1960’s-1980’s, with testimonies of people coming from Maghreb, Turkey, Argentina, Portugal and Cambodia, who left their country to come and live in Angers.

Following the 70 minutes movie, there was an interesting exchange in the presence of M. Moulay Ghatrif, a migrant who came from Morocco in the 1970’s and a member of the association “History and Memory of Immigration in the Region of Angers” (HMiA) and Ms. Emmanuelle Chevillard also member of the HMiA association.

M. Jean-Luc Marais, an historian specializing in the history of Angers and Ms. Rachida Ouattara, directress of the “Association for Promotion and Integration in the Region of Angers” (APTIRA) talked about the current issues linked with migrations. Both M. Moulay Ghatrif and M. Jean-Luc Marais featured in the movie.

More than 100 participants attended and many participated in the debate. Most of them also took the opportunity to visit the exhibition “Cribs of the world” which is experiencing a great success this year with already 700 visitors to date.

This event was another occasion for the people of Angers to discover the Motherhouse of the Congregation which is part of the living heritage of their city.

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