Purpose & Mission

The Congregational Spirituality Centre, at the pivotal point of the Motherhouse,
is at the heart of spiritual animation for the Congregation, at the service of the CLT
and thus the entire Congregation.

 The Role of the Congregational Spirituality Centre  
      *   To follow through on the initiatives of the Congregational Spirituality Committee
      *   To nourish a vibrant spirituality for today, through reflective living
      *   To promote an appreciation of our heritage (spirituality, people, places)
      *   To respond to requests for individual / group accompaniment and formation
      *   To develop pilgrimages / sabbaticals connected with our Congregational story and roots
      *   To offer retreats enlivened by the spirituality of St. John Eudes and St. Mary Euphrasia
      *   To maintain and respect the Historical Archives and encourage continuing research