“Oh love of my soul”


27 years ago, Maria Agustina Rivas Lopez, RGS, died a martyr.

A woman with a Shepherd’s heart.

June 13th 1920 – September 27th 1990


Agustina grew up in a loving family atmosphere. At home, she learned about Christ’s love for the poor. She entered the Congregation of Our Lady of Charity of the Good Shepherd in 1942. In October the same year she started her novitiate and received the name of Sister Mary Agustina. On February 8th, feast of the Heart of Mary, she made her first profession. “You must be martyred by a continual martyrdom of sacrifice and work.” M.E Conf. 63

She lived this definitive union with an unshakeable fidelity, in her commitment to the people and the mission of Jesus the Good Shepherd. She was a joyful shepherd, peaceful in her work of promoting women and children.


“I love and bless the infinite love you had for all eternity for all the blessed martyrs who had been in your Holy Church from the beginning and who will be there until the end of the world.” C. W. 12