10 day spiritual sessions 2017



In May and June 2017, almost 50 Sisters and Mission Partners of the Congregation, from 13 countries (Australia, Chile, Egypt, France, Honduras, India, Indonesia, Madagascar, Philippines, Puerto Rico, Singapore, Sri Lanka and USA), participated in the new 10 day spiritual session, organized by the Congregational Spirituality Centre on the theme “Deepening our identity together”.

The session is a new experience developed by the Congregational Spirituality Centre team. It is a 10 day spiritual reflection based on individual and congregational stories, using pilgrimages and the museum to deepen our sense of identity. 

Participants walked in the footsteps of our founders. They visited Caen and had a ritual around St John Eudes’ baptismal font in Ri, the village where he was born. In Noirmoutier they discovered St. Mary Euphrasia’s birth house, her school and her playground in “Bois de la Chaise”. The pilgrimages ended in Tours where St. Mary Euphrasia entered the Congregation in 1814.


In Angers, they discovered the Motherhouse and its significant places: the Chapel, the oratory, the Chapel tombs, etc. They also moved out of darkness into light through the tunnel experience and touched into their inner selves by walking through the labyrinth.


All the participants enjoyed the different times of group sharing which enabled them to exchange views on different topics despite the language diversity. It was also a wonderful opportunity to share reunification experiences. It brings the journey of Enrichment to life in a whole new way.

They also liked the peaceful atmosphere at the Motherhouse and the involvement of all the Sisters of the Congregational Spirituality Centre and the International Community.

As the feedback is positive and very encouraging, the Congregational Spirituality Centre team decided to repeat the experience again next year with two new sessions in May and September 2018!

Dates coming soon…