308 Newsletter March-April 2020

In This Issue :

P. 3 -  Message of Sr Ellen Kelly.
By Communications Office
P. 4 - We are all Migrants.
By Province of Colombo/Venezolana
P. 5– Partnership in MIssion
By Sr. Andrea Mac Eachen
P. 7 - Like Hoffman.
By Chris Kalinski
P. 9 - Spreading Love across the World.
By Meeka
P. 10 - From New York /Toronto Unit to Rome.
By Sr. Mary Farren
P. 11 - A Structure at the service of the Mission.
By Hubert H.M. Janssen
P. 12– The Blessing of the international experience.
By Liam Michael Quinn
P. 14 - Support in the time of COVID-19 Crisis.
By GSIF Office
P. 16–  Response To COVID-19
By  GSJP Office
P. 17–  Key Learning
Echoes from Child Safeguarding office
P. 18–  Resources for COVID-19 Situation
Echoes from Child Safeguarding office
P. 19–  Webinar with Br. Philip Pinto
Formation Webinar