Angers is my country

90 Anniversary:
Easter of Mother Saint Agustín Fernández Concha.
January 13, 1928
"Angers is my country"



“I spent 110days with St. Euphrasia. My contacts with her during the day, in the dining room, at recreation were very sisterly. We met in the morning and we crossed each other often as her room was not far from mine. I left the door opened so that I could see her pass to the choir and participate in Holy Communion.”

It was 110 days of renewal, spiritual growth and a growing affection for the handmaid of the God as she liked to call herself.  At the same time love for the Congregation grew in her, she felt confirmed in her vocation and she drew energy and enthusiasm from the missionary zeal of St. Mary Euphrasia. So great was this impact that she established 37 houses in Latin America.


What relationship do I cultivate with Mary Euphrasia to give me energy for the mission today?