Cribs of the world In the Good Shepherd Museum of Angers

Come to visit the exhibition « Cribs of the world »
From December 1st 2017 to January 14th 2018
In the Good Shepherd Museum of Angers


The Congregation of our Lady of Charity of the Good Shepherd is an international Congregation of Sisters spread across all 5 continents in more than 70 countries.

As is the custom every year, the International Community at the Motherhouse in Angers displays cribs given by communities from different countries.  

This year, this exhibition of more than 50 cribs, will take place in the Good Shepherd Museum and is linked with the theme: “the Migrants”. This topic, which is very pertinent today,  echoes the journey undertaken by Mary, Joseph and the child Jesus, 2000 years ago, when they had to leave their country, fleeing to Egypt because their lives were in danger.


This free event organized by the Congregational Spirituality Centre in collaboration with the Congregational Museum, will delight both young and old and will help us reflect deeply on the realities of our present world.