Deepening our identity together 13th-22nd June 2018

Session with the Mission Partners from Singapore on 13th-22nd June 2018



Following the group from Macau (30th April-7th May) a group from Singapore came to the Mother House for 8 day session (13th-22nd June). This group had 15 Mission Partners and one Good Shepherd Sister from Malaysia who is responsible for “Enrichment Mission” Project in Singapore. Among the Mission Partners there were 6 teachers of the “Mary Mount” kindergarten, 8 teachers of the “Mary Mount” primary school and one Good Shepherd volunteer who has her own job.

As teachers, they were eager to learn the history and charism of the Congregation and also the spirituality of St. Jean Eudes and St. Mary Euphrasia. They wanted to share their knowledge and experiences with their children, so that they asked many questions during the session.

The experience of entering the Green Door, the visit of the Museum, the Mother House tour, above all the pilgrimages to the historical places as Ri, Caen, Noirmoutier and Tours helped them to deepen their understanding of our Congregation and to get in touch with the spirit of our founders. Further, the labyrinth and the tunnel were used as powerful spiritual tools to promote their personal journey and to risk facing the challenges. “Nothing is impossible for love!”

Especially the participants were deeply touched by the relationships of St. Jean Eudes and St. Mary Euphrasia with their Mission Partners in their life time, e.g. Madeleine Lamy and Marie des Vallées, Count de Neville and Countess d’Andigne. They were their good friends and advisors, faithful companions and generous benefactors for years. Recognizing the significant role of Mission Partners, the participants were more motivated to devote themselves to their present Mission in Singapore.

To introduce an episode during the pilgrimage to Caen:

When we visited the former Jesuit Church “Notre Dame de la Gloriette” which is nowadays used for cultural events and concerts, they spontaneously presented a choir singing beautiful songs conducted by a music teacher among them. Their creativity and team spirit made the joyous and lively atmosphere in the church.

At the end of the session they were sent to their Mission in the world reenergized and full of gratitude.