Deepening our identity together April 30 th - May 7 th 2018

Session “Deepening our identity together”
with the Mission partners from Macau
April 30th - May 7th 2018


Five mission partners and one of our Sisters from the Mission in Macau were very interested to come to Angers so as to deepen their understanding of the roots of the Congregation. The mission partners had been working with our Sisters for many years and collaborated very closely with our Sisters in their mission with women and girls. The Congregation offered them this opportunity and they followed the session from the 30th April to the 7th May.

We were very happy to welcome them and adapted the usual programme to suit their needs. The first day of the session when we asked them to express their desires and expectations, we were very impressed to learn that they wished to deepen their knowledge of the spirit of the Congregation so that they could be more effective in their service to the women and girls. One even said she hoped for a personal message from St. Mary Euphrasia and another mentioned that she had a deep desire to do more for the girls and women even though she felt so  “small”.

The session included three pilgrimages, Noirmoutier, Caen and Tours. All three places linked with the History of the Congregation and of course St. John Eudes and St. Mary Euphrasia. Most of our inputs were based on the values that are important in our mission today :  the value of each person, respect, compassion, mercy, helping each person to discover their real worth, the need for mutual support as team members in a project and of course the qualities of our “zeal”, pure, prudent, persevering and universal . They were able to visit our Museum and discover the mission which is alive today in the different continents by watching some documentaries and listening to testimonies.

At the end of the session we were glad to hear from them that their expectations and hopes had been fulfilled and that they were returning refreshed by their experience and motivated to be more devoted mission partners in their respective roles in the service of girls and women in need in Macau.