Feast of St. Mary Magdalene

« Hear your name »



We all have received a name which identifies us and distinguishes us from others. Our name is beautiful, absolutely meaningful when it is pronounced by people who love us.

We can hear our names: « Anne, Peter, Jane… and today “Mary!” called by the Risen Christ. This woman who came back to the tomb because of love. She returns because she grieves, she is sad, with tears in her eyes. She is looking for a sign, hoping that someone could alleviate her grief.

Mary Magdalene hears the loving voice of the Lord and she answers “Teacher”. He asks her to spread the good news of the resurrection: “I saw the Lord”.

Sometimes, blinded by desperation and fear, we cannot find Jesus. However, he is here, close to us, but we cannot see him because we look in another direction: towards the empty tomb.

When we finally find him, everything changes. The way to the mission begins and we are never alone again.