Flash News- Cyclone in Mozambique

Rome, 29 March 2019




Dear Sisters and Mission Partners,


The effects of Cyclone Idai that tore through the port city of Beira, Mozambique caused complete devastation.  Reports continue on the news of the ongoing effects on the people – including lack of basic necessities of clean water and food and housing.  Cholera is now spreading rapidly in the area.


Our Sisters are not in the area where the destruction took place but everyone in Mozambique has been urged to assist the victims in any way possible.  We share with you the letter of Sr. Eva in Mozambique.


On a congregational level, we will join the relief effort by networking with Caritas Italiana and FOCSIV in their efforts, mainly with Caritas Mozambique. 


Good Shepherd International Foundation will coordinate our contributions.  If you are able to donate to this relief effort, kindly send your donation by bank transfer or check.


Thank you!


Sr. Ellen

Congregational Leader


by bank transfer


Please use the account details below. Your bank will provide you with a receipt as proof of payment.


Recipient name: Fondazione Internazionale Buon Pastore ONLUS

EURO account: IBAN: IT 36 D 05696 03207 000006805X22
Bank: Banca Popolare di Sondrio
BRANCH: 096 – ROMA AG. 7

USD Account: IBAN: IT 45 M 05696 03207 VARUS 0006805
Bank Name: Banca Popolare di Sondrio
Swift Code: POSOIT22

Please send us an email to gsif@gssweb.org stating the date that you transferred your donation. This will help us to keep track of your transfer and we can then let you know and thank you once we have received it.

by bank check


Payable to:  Good Shepherd Mission Development Corp.
Attention:  Sr. Mary Carolyn McQuaid

7654 Natural Bridge Road,
St. Louis, Missouri 63121-4989


A message from Sr. Eva Ribeiro as a local witness



Agilson (Joy), a 3-year-old orphan boy, packs this bag with some of his clothes and some flowers to be sent to children in Beira.





Dear Sisters and Mission Partners,

With a sad heart we feel and we regret the destruction of the lives caused by cyclone Idai in the province of the Beira / Mozambique.  Beira is the 2nd largest city of Mozambique, but due to the cyclone Idai, Beira was reduced to rubble.

Mozambique is experiencing a moment of mourning. One only hears sadness and worries on the faces of people in all the country. It is a very sad scenario.

Where the cyclone passed, many lives were lost and the houses were reduced to rubble. But in Beira the situation was more dramatic - the desolate scene reached indescribable proportions. According to the news of yesterday 03-03-2019, 90% of the city is destroyed and more than one million people are injured. So far the exact number of dead is not yet certain. We are talking about 400, but we do not know what the news will be tomorrow.

Every day we have sad new information that does not allow us to contain the tears.

Central hospital

1- All babies in the nursery have died.

2- Some pregnant women in labor have died.

3- Others who had had babies in a few hours died

4 - Intensive care patients died.

5- Other patients in some wards died of collapsed walls and ceilings.


In the residences:

1- Deaths and injuries due to house collapses

2- Disappearances and deaths of children by high water level; numerous bodies floating in the water both in the streets and in the rubble.

4 - Members of missing families, given by dead etc.


1- Many people took refuge in the great trees during 3 days of intense rains.

2- Other people took refuge in terraces of buildings and other high places

3- In football stadiums etc.  But after 3 days they could not leave because of the depth of the waters, going hungry and thirsty until they were rescued by the rescue teams coming from South Africa.  Still others remain in the trees undetected. No eating or drinking. 


According to the testimony of religious who traveled there, they say the situation is bleak. The level of destruction of the city and of people is scary.


The Archdiocese of Nampula in communion with every Catholic Church in Mozambique is appealing to the people so they can help our brothers and sisters in great need.

The Archdiocese of Nampula and other institutions call for the collaboration of all. So everyone is dedicated to offering something within their possibilities, for the victims:

Food, mineral water, juices, medicines, sheets, blankets, milk for babies, etc. All that each person can contribute within their means because the victims are devoid of everything.

The donations are given to Catholic radio and several other well established places by the government and evacuated to Maputo bound for Beira.

Thank God, for a lot of humanitarian aid from a number of countries that come in every day with different materials.

Together with our cyclone devastated brothers and sisters, let us pray for them and for the eternal rest of the victims.

Sr. Eva Ribeiro

24 March 2019