In the footsteps of Joseph Wresinski

February 12th 2017 marks the centenary of the birth of Father Joseph Wresinski.

Joseph Wresinski was born on February 12th 1917 in a very poor family living in St. Jacques Street, very close to the Congregation Our Lady of Charity of the Good Shepherd.  He was an altarboy at the Motherhouse during his childhood. Later, with the help of the family of one of the sisters he went on to study for the priesthood.

In 1957, he created the international movement ATD Fourth World, which is playing a leading part in the fight against poverty all around the world. 

In order to celebrate this generous man totally committed to the poor, a walk “In the footsteps of Joseph Wresinski” was organized by ATD Fourth World from St. Jacques Street to the Good Shepherd Chapel where Sr. Noreen welcomed the participants. They then went up to the museum where they could appreciate two exhibitions, one on Father Wresinski and another on the theme “Misery and Culture”.

The afternoon ended with a conference by Mr. Jean-Luc Marais, a historian from the University of Angers, on poverty in the area of St. Jacques at the time of Joseph Wresinski’s childhood (1920-1930), attended by more than 150 people in room “Notre-Dame” at the Motherhouse.