Good Shepherd family stand in solidarity with the people of Myanmar.

With gentleness and kindness, sustain the bruised reed, and let us not extinguish the faltering flame. (St. M. Euphrasia)


Dear Sisters and Mission Partners,


We request your prayers for our sisters, mission partners, program participants and all the people of Myanmar as they navigate this time of political unrest.

Rebecca Kay, Province Leader of East Asia, shared:   


‘…our future is now confused; the future of our nation is dark. We cannot go out, we have restrictions, and we cannot work for the people. All this is terrible for those who need it most, especially women (street girls, abused women, etc.).

As citizens, we stand with our people and for our mission to the poor and (those in) need; to women, girls, children; to the most vulnerable. It is unbearable to see our people suffer, lose hope, overwhelmed by fear...we want to be together with the people in the streets, sharing their traumas and suffering.’


We as Good Shepherd family stand in solidarity with them as they long for peace and goodwill among all the people of Myanmar.  We ask for God’s blessings for them and send our prayers and support.



In the Heart of our Shepherd God,