Good Shepherd, USA Advocates for Justice and Compassion in Immigration Policy

“Migrants are persons… They are the symbol of all those rejected by today’s globalized society…

The weakest and most vulnerable must be helped…

This is a tremendous responsibility, from which no one is exempt

if we wish to fulfill the mission of salvation and liberation. - Pope Francis, July 8, 2019


Catholics continue to mobilize across the USA to advocate for justice in national policy on immigration. In the nation’s capital in July Good Shepherd was represented by our National Advocacy Center (NAC)  and members of the Mid-North America Province. This past week, Sept 4, two members of the New York-Toronto Province joined personnel from the NAC in Newark, New Jersey on the East Coast for direct action titled Catholic Nonviolent Action for Immigrant Children! The local bishop, Rev. Tobin, was also a participant in the action.

The rally, open to all, included prayer, a call to action by Catholic leaders, and nonviolent civil disobedience for those who choose.

Good Shepherd supports these actions as central to our mission in today’s world and consistent with our congregational Position Papers.