Leadership now and into the future

Province of Central America
San José, Costa Rica - August 19 – 24 August 2018



In response to the call of our 30th Congregational Chapter that expresses Leadership now and into the future requires preparation and training”

and in response to the urgent need of our Province, we have begun on August 19 the First Session of a Training program titled:

"Leadership in partnership according to the Heart of the Good Shepherd"

in which we, sisters and laity, are participating, with much enthusiasm, openness and availability. The participants come from the seven countries that make up the Province.

The Program will have the characteristic of a holistic process with a duration of five sessions that will be held every six months in two years. The total of forty participants have accepted the invitation and the commitment to make life in themselves and in their communities and missions, the experience of the sessions. As a result of this Training Program, at the end of it we propose:

a) Develop and strengthen the ability to work as a Team
b) Influence the vitality of the Province

through concrete actions and experiences.