Mary Magdalen for Us Today

2021 Congregational Assembly of Contemplative Sisters (CACS)


Focusing on Mary Magdalen as a woman who searched for Jesus on the first Easter morning and when finding him, experienced a deeply personal transformation, permeated the day that began with the mantra composed by Monica Brown (main article picture):

Mary of Magdala

Mary, he called to you, his beloved and chosen one,

May we like you know by heart,

The wisdom and teaching of Jesus.

May we like you be transformed,

By the power and grace of his love.

Oh, may we surrender in love,

And truly know,

 The fullness of life,

Our heart’s desire.


After reflecting on Mary Magdalen’s first Easter morning experience - a time of confusion, disorientation and probably even frustration, but also a time she experienced the transforming love of Jesus – participants shared their insights. Like Mary Magdalen, participants looked at how Jesus invites each one into a deeper relationship with him and, in turn, how this creates a change in us – a transformation that can change the world. 


An element of the prayer period included a Scriptural reference to the creative and transforming experience of Jeremiah and the potter who carefully and lovingly shapes the clay into images. Experiences were profound.


November 02, 2021