Message of Sr. Ellen Kelly on St. Mary Euphrasia Feast

April 24, 2020 St. Mary Euphrasia Feast
Message of Sr. Ellen Kelly, Congregational Leader


Dear Sisters and Partners in Mission,

On this Feast of our Foundress, we pray and reflect on this woman, St. Mary Euphrasia who lived so long ago, but still is alive in us. She continues to guide us and challenge us to live our charism of merciful love.  She was a true daughter of St. John Eudes and the spirituality of our Congregation is centered on the person of Christ with devotion to the Heart of Jesus and Mary. 


Mary Euphrasia saw the image of God in every person, no matter what their life had been like. And, as you know she had deep friendships with lay people we call them Partners in Mission today! She relied on them for support, not only for financial support, but also for their vision and their encouragement to her in the ministry.    The image of the Good Shepherd was very important to her because she saw in that, that God had great compassion always for those who were lost, forgotten and judged.


And this is what she wanted us to always live out of that kind of concern for the person who no one seems to be caring about. She lived her whole life forming the Sisters and the mission Partners by her example and by writing trying to help them to embrace God’s love and to give that love to every person they encountered. She still is forming us in this way to this very day when we reflect on her life, she has helped us to understand that what we do today goes back many, many years and it brings us not only to today but to tomorrow.


So being with us today, we hear her saying: “Dear God, what are we doing in this world and why are we here, if not to contribute to the well-being of our neighbors. Dear daughters, do as I did, she said.  I had no great talents.  I have done nothing great.  I only loved but I loved with all the strength of my soul.  Just love!


 So let us give thanks to God for all the blessings we have been given and we are grateful for all of you who continue to live out this charism today especially in the work you are doing under the circumstances that we are living. I am sure Mary Euphrasia is very, very proud of each one of you. Thank you and I hope you will have a good celebration this day.