News from the Mission in Catania and Acireale

We are happy to share with you this message comes from Catania:  


  Thank you to Sr. Anna for bringing us messages from both  the Congregational Leadership Team and  Sister Angela and the Provincial Here, in the missions of Catania and Acireale, we are living an experience that none of us has ever previously encountered. On Monday 9 March, we activated the state of emergency to protect our 186 Unaccompanied Foreign Minors, Adults and Women with Children as well as our 60 Italian minors who are guests in our six Residential Child Care Facilities. Fortunately, no one in these groups has contracted the virus.

Emergency management is not easy.  Each day not sparing ourselves, we do our best to take all the precautions needed for our guests and colleagues to remain safe.

For the latter, I must offer a few words of praise as they are demonstrating incredible human and professional qualities. They are in the front line with our kids and work to make these moments of fear and isolation pass in the best possible way.

I would like to tell you about a comment regarding the positive aspects of this health emergency that was shared with the steering group of the Il Nodo Consortium, Never as today, in the richer parts of the world, have we experienced the essence of the mission of the Good Shepherd.  Each location is organizing, independently, many educational and leisure activities with their children and adult refugees. Their response is surprising. They are active, motivated and much more thoughtful than usual. Joking with Sr. Anna, we said that the climate that has been created is similar to that which precedes Christmas. We get together, discuss and share every moment and every decision as in a large and healthy family.

I hope that this period will leave in both our hearts and in our way of working, a teaching that will not be lost with the end of the emergency but, instead, will remain in our missions as a starting point for the reorganization of our work in the future.

My thoughts go, finally, to all of you missionary Sisters of the Good Shepherd, especially to the older ones and those who remain more exposed to the risk of contagion. May the Lord give you the strength to continue the good work that you have been carrying out for hundreds of years.


A virtual hug from all at Catania and Acireale


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