Optimally prepared for the future

Article from the Province of Austria/Switzerland/Czech Republic.

For several generations of students, the province's two vocational secondary education schools, BBS Baumgartenberg and ABZ St. Josef, have ensured that young people are optimally prepared for their future careers. As a province, we constantly invest in school equipment and facilities and improve the learning curriculum to ensure students receive a comprehensive education. At the two locations, they learn how to face the challenges they will encounter and the necessary skills they'll need for their professional and private lives.

As part of our ongoing improvements, a decision was made at the beginning of the 2018/2019 academic year to offer a three-year advanced course for economic professions for the first time. This intensive three-year course includes comprehensive general education, specific theory, and economics. As a result, on June 16 this year, we were delighted to celebrate the historic moment when the first Matura (higher school certificate) students graduated successfully and left BBS Baumgartenberg.

The students who graduated from the advanced course for economic professions in June

In addition to offering our students access to all universities and colleges, the graduates are qualified to pursue professions in the following areas: economics, administration, hospitality, gastronomy, and nutrition, as well as in the health and social care sector. In particular, in the academic year 2020/2021, we began to collaborate with two potential employers to provide attractive job opportunities to our students.

Through combined teaching at BBS Baumgartenberg and our unique cooperation with the School for Health and Nursing at Ordensklinikum Linz Vinzentinum, the students have the option to begin the nursing assistant profession training in the fifth semester of the three-year program. The students become familiarized with specialist terminology in a practical setting, gain insight into professional nursing care, and learn how to treat wounds and handle emergencies.

Last year, we signed a cooperation agreement with the world's largest hotel group, Marriot Hotels. The hotel chain will operate a small boutique hotel in our former convent of St. Josef in Salzburg. The ABZ St. Josef School will relocate to a redeveloped and more modernized wing of the building. In cooperation with Marriot Hotels, the school will offer 'hospitality' as a new subject. Students from both Salzburg and Baumgartenberg will be able to secure future career opportunities in a global corporation through the training and internship opportunities available. 

In recent years, our schools have also received numerous awards and honors. Worthy of particular mention is the award received for digital and IT education. In addition, in August of this year, BBS Baumgartenberg was honored to receive an award from the federal ministry for its innovative learning methods and its offerings in the area of e-learning.

Our provision for kindergarten children in Salzburg also increased this year, as we now offer – in line with legal and professional requirements - kindergarten facilities for under-three-year-olds. We are convinced that this model of education positively promotes the development of both "younger" and "older" kindergarten children.

We are confident that our training and educational facilities are high quality and fit for future generations of students. In line with the philosophy of our Congregation, we believe that we can offer excellent opportunities for our students to develop and become "optimally prepared for the future".