Prayer and Reflection against Trafficking in Persons

"Pray without ceasing"

Next Wednesday we are invited to join the World Day of Prayer and Reflection against Trafficking in Persons. Day wanted by Pope Francis according to the suggestion of the UISM last year.

This year, the emphasis is on Trafficking in Children, many victims of traffickers and clients of all kinds. Religious, we responded to the call of the Lord Jesus and gave our lives so that the dignity of God's child of each person is respected. Many congregations are fighting together: raising awareness among young people and the public, asking governments, protecting and caring for victims ... We are doing all we can for them, but the task is immense and will not stop as long as the "demand" remains strong. And this demand, God alone can overcome it, and convert the hearts of those for whom money and pleasure are kings, convert our heart from all complicity, especially by omission ...


So, let us all ask God to deliver the world from this evil, let us ask for it with perseverance:

Let us say every day the "Our Father" for this specific purpose, so that He "delivers from evil" our world and that the exploitation of people come to an end!


Thank you for your faithful and persevering participation in prayer and action when it is possible around you.

Great union in the One of whom we are ALL beloved children!


Marie Hélène