A Prayer Incarnate In Reality

A Prayer Incarnate In Reality.

by the Community of Alagoinhas


"... Be also you" ladder "by which God descends to meet man and man climbs to find God and contemplate his face in the face of Christ".  Pope Francisco



The Contemplative Community of the Congregation Our Lady of Charity of the Good Shepherd is located in the state of Bahia, in the city of Alagoinhas


In Community we live donating ourselves in a fruitful silence, of prayer and contemplation. A consecration from a life based on the Gospel and the Spirituality of the Congregation, our life is for the world a sign of the mercy of God, so that the image of the beauty of God is revealed in all people. We also hope to become a source of spiritual fecundity that enhances the apostolate of the Congregation.


Prayer: A loving relationship with God that fecund life in Community, an apostolate of intercession for people, for the World!


Prayer determines the daily rhythm of our life in community, which is characterized by the joy of being with the Lord and of helping each Sister to integrate important values ​​such as: Hospitality, forgiveness, reconciliation, studies and free moments.

In our prayer we bring before God the needs of people to whom the Congregation serves through the various apostolates; of the people who come to us and to the whole world in its need for justice, peace and reconciliation.


The Work - Participation in the Work of God


With our community work, we recognize the dignity of human work and express our solidarity with all the people who work for their own subsistence and to continue the Work of the Creator: "God saw how much he had done and everything was very good" (Gen. 1). 31).

Our lifestyle allows us to share the prayer with people who come to our community Chapel and with the Lay / Contemplative Missionaries.




Euphrasian Year Opening

United to the project of the Province in the celebration of the 150th anniversary of the entrance of Saint Mary Eufhrasia Pelletier in the eternal joys, as Contemplative Community we made some praying moments to open the Euphrasian Year that has as its motto: "Saint Mary Eufhrasia Pelletier a Saint for our days".  In this year, the whole Province is invited to reflect on their life and mission, which certainly inspires all the consecrated of the Good Shepherd to guide their lives in the teachings of Jesus, as our dear Saint did.


Holy Hour

On November 22, 2017, the Sisters and Laity / Contemplatives organized a Holy Hour in preparation for the 150 Years in which Saint Mary Euphrasia Pelletier entered the eternal joys. It was an occasion to sing the wonders that the Lord gives to all his sons and daughters and to thank for all that she did in this world, and now together with Jesus she intercedes for us to God the Father.


Ecumenical Prayer and Euphrasian Fair

Our ecumenical prayer took place on November 23, with the image of Jesus Good Shepherd. Saint Mary Euphrasia inspired by Jesus Good Shepherd who goes in search of the lost sheep, and who cares for them with kindness and tenderness, understood that “A person is worth more than a world". In that sense, her whole life was to work to save the dignity of people.


Eucharistic celebration

On November 24, 2017, we had a solemn Eucharistic celebration of thanksgiving to the Lord in honor of St. Mary Euphrasia, presided by Father Genivaldo Santos de Almeida, our parish priest, with the participation of the Lay Missionaries. Contemplatives of the Good Shepherd and other faithful.


It was a very important moment for the community reviving the spirit of our Contemplative mission and at the same time achieving that Santa Mary Euphrasia is known by all. She is for all Christians an example of faith, of donation, of love for people in situations of vulnerability and of love for the Church. Her testimony and teaching point us to Jesus Good Shepherd as the "only model to imitate".


LENTEN SEASON: Contemplative Lay People of the Good Shepherd visit the families.

"It is gratifying to enter these homes to bring the Word and help them to feel they are the Church, offering them possibilities to understand the sad reality in which we live and to collaborate with actions and prayer in the transformation of it." (Lealcy M. Cato - Contemplative Laica).


"Motivated by the proposal of the Year of the Laity 2018 which has as motto" You are salt of the earth and light of the world ". In the Lenten season with the Campaign of the Fraternity, Lay Missionaries of the Good Shepherd, assumed the commitment of carrying out the meetings of the Fraternity Campaign, in the residences of the Silva Jardim - Alagoinhas neighborhood, visited families of the elderly and the sick unable to attend the Church of the neighborhood. "The mission of the lay person is to wear the face of Jesus where they are ", affirmed the Lay people who with great joy carried out that mission.