Province Leader of Sri Lanka/Pakistan

Maryanne Perera

Province Leader
Province of Sri Lanka/Pakistan


Sr. Maryanne Perera was elected Province Leader of Sri Lanka/Pakistan on 20th November 2019 at the Province Chapter held from 12th to 22nd November in Sri Lanka.


Sr. Maryanne was born on 8th April 1966 to her devout parents Gerard and Edith Perera. She made her First Commitment on 12th December 1989 and her Final Commitment on 12th December 1994.


She holds Bachelor’s Degrees in Theological Studies and in Arts. Also, she carries a Certificate of Recognition from the Institute of Spiritual Formation of Asia on Formative Spirituality: Theology of the Psychology of Religious Life and on Scripture Studies. Further, she has wide international training on leadership formation and skilled facilitation.


Her apostolate, in addition to teaching, has been: Vocation/Mission Promotion, pastoral work, child development, care of single mothers, elders and girls working in Free Trade Zone. Her services to the Province have been in various capacities: Directress of Temporary Professed Sisters, Province Secretary to two Province Leaders and presently Directress of Continuing Formation in Sri Lanka and is responsible for the Spirituality Centre: “Serene Pastures”.

Sr. Maryanne is gifted with creativity, artistic talent and is solid in spirituality and organizational skills.


The new Province Leadership team will begin their mandate on 2nd February 2020.

Members of the Unit Leadership Team



Left to right: Srs. Regina Fernando and Annette Perera (Contemplative Councillors), Sr. Maryanne Perera (Unit Leader), Srs. Sriyapushpam Saverien, Roshanthi Ranwatte, Alexandra Mendis, Dinalika Perera, and Dhammi Fernando (Apostolic Councillors). (One Apostolic Councillor for Pakistan still has to be appointed)