Prayer after supper, in the Manuel de prières à l’usage d’une communauté ecclésiastique,
OEuvres Complètes, t. III, p. 310-311.


Hail Joseph,
image of God the Father,
Hail Joseph,
father of God the Son,
Hail Joseph,
temple of the Holy Spirit
Hail Joseph,
beloved of the Holy Trinity,
Hail Joseph,
most faithful helper
in the work of God,
Hail Joseph,
most worthy spouse of the Virgin Mother.
Hail Joseph,
father of all the faithful,
Hail Joseph,
guardian of holy virgins,
Hail Joseph,
most attentive to interior silence,
Hail Joseph,
most loving of holy poverty.
Hail Joseph,
example of meekness and patience,
Hail Joseph,
mirror of humility and obedience.
Blessed are you among all men,
And blessed be your eyes,
which have seen what you have seen.
And blessed be your ears,
which have heard what you have heard.
And blessed are your hands,
which have touched the Word Incarnate,
And blessed be your arms,
Which have carried Him who
carries all things.
And blessed be your bosom,
where the Son of God most
sweetly rested.
And blessed your heart,
burning with the most
ardent love for Him.
And blessed be the Eternal
Father, who chose you,
And blessed be the Son, who loved you,
And blessed be the Holy Spirit
who sanctified you,
And blessed be Mary, your wife,
who loved you as a spouse and a brother.
And blessed be the Angel
who protected you,
And blessed be forever
all those who bless & love you. Amen