Sister Marie-Thérèse de Soubiran

Sister Marie-Thérèse de Soubiran. Sister of Mary Auxiliatrix
Sister Mary of the Sacred Heart. Sister of Our Lady of Charity

Sophie Thérèse de Soubiran is born on May 16th 1834, in Castelnaudary, France. In 1854, she is invited by her uncle to found a Beguines community in Castelnaudary. Few years later, in 1865, after spending a long time in prayer and discernment, she feels that God is calling her to create the Congregation of Mary Auxiliatrix. She becomes superior and takes the name Marie-Thérèse. She always felt a calling to look after the young people in her village. This is what she writes in the Constitutions of her new Congregation of Mary Auxiliatrix: “Support the young girls from around 14 to 25 years old. Especially this part of the youth, who lives, without any family, in big towns, working in shops and factories… This is a goal and a need in our modern societies which centralize everything and replace Christian families by masses of people.” Marie-Thérèse was a visionary woman, attentive to the needs of her time.

Few years later, she is disowned by her own Congregation.

In 1874, she is received at Our Lady of Charity in Paris and accepted as a novice in 1876, under the name Sister Mary of the Sacred Heart.

During the 15 years she lived in our monastery of Our Lady of Charity, she continued to love the young people and helped them to overcome their problems.

“Be able to emerge life from death!”