Spiritual Leadership is Transformational Leadership, February Rome 2018

“Transformational leadership is a way of being leaders arising out of the depths of the wisdom within each of us, a wisdom that allows others the space and opportunity to transform their own lives.”

(30th Congregational Chapter Direction Statement)


In response to the call by the Congregational Leadership Team, 7 new Unit Leadership teams from Montreal, Europe-BFMN, Lebanon-Syria, Central South US, Austria/Schweiz/Czech, New York-Toronto and West Africa, gathered in Rome from 14-23 February for a session together.

“Leadership now and into the future requires preparation and training”

(30th Congregational Chapter Direction Statement)


Some participants expressed their experience of session in the following words:


“Wisdom sharing, deep honest and open conversations, great hope that something new is coming- like a flower opening.”


“Holy Mystery of transformation and contemplation, humbleness among sisters, acceptance and moving together.”


“Time together was enriching, enlightening and I felt it was a great way of connecting.”

“The need to allow the spirit to work in us and through us, we were moved by the Spirit to listen to the pain and suffering of our sisters and embrace it as our own. We were also lead by the Spirit to mourn with our brothers and sisters, a strong feeling of solidarity.”


“A strong conviction came out after this meeting: who are we and where are we inside this world?  Let us pray to remember our dream, the silence to welcome the wonder of this moment and to enter into our vision: the Reign of God”


“It was a great success for me to meet so many sisters from different regions and to share with one another.  I appreciated the simplicity and unity of the Congregational leadership team.”



Photo taken by Antoinette’s Ipad, thanks