Spiritual Leadership is Transformational Leadership, March Rome 2018

“Transformational leadership is a way of being leaders arising out of the
depths of the wisdom within eachof us ……”
Phillip Pinto cfc


From the 04th to the 13th of March 2018, a session was held on Formation for New Leadership Teams. The Units of Eastern Central Africa, Singapore/Malaysia, South Africa and South West India, consisting of 21 participants gathered at the Generalate in Rome. This session was organized by the CLT in response to the call by the 30th Congregational Chapter Direction Statement in recognizing that Leadership now and into the future requires preparation and training.”

Through very well-tailored sessions combining splendidly sought and thought inputs, the uniqueness in creative presentation and experience sharing, the participants were brought to a profound awareness that leadership lies in deep trust of one’s inner wisdom in the heart where transformation happens through daily conscious living and loving of others. Thus leadership becomes a life of being life-giving: to self, to the community and to the ministry thus deliberately getting in touch with the light/spark/diamond within and allowing that reality to shine.

As planetary pilgrims, the participants reaffirmed the need for committed interconnectedness, aware of the Congregation’s diversity and appreciating the gift of internationality. All shared the desire and commitment to hold in profound interiority the voice of God in the different realities of our world as lived out in the mission today, in becoming living witnesses of the joy of The Word.

The imagery of the metamorphosis of a caterpillar into a butterfly that accompanied us individually and collectively remained very significant as participants zealously surrendered into the transforming power of God. Each one listened to the Heartbeat of God in discovering the how of becoming a Beatitude Leader. The companionship by the Congregational tools: the Constitution and the Province Administration Manual (PAM) in providing a road map in our process could never be appreciated enough.

The presence of the entire CLT was appreciated as great encouragement, as well as in modelling the Transformational way of leadership in very simple ways.



Prepared by Catherine Mutindi, Lissy Chacko and Fe de Paz

March, Rome 2018