Spirituality Center News

This year, for the second time, the Motherhouse of the Congregation opened its doors for the annual “Made in Angers” experience.

This event organized by Angers Loire Metropole gives the people of Angers the opportunity to visit firms which are part of the local economy or heritage.

On February 14th, 17th, 21st and 24th, 4 groups of 20 people visited the Motherhouse and its significant places: the Chapel, the tunnel, the labyrinth, etc.

The Good Shepherd Guesthouse also offered the participants a chance to discover a meeting room and a bedroom to get some ideas for short breaks, business trips or family events.

On these 4 dates, the afternoon ended with a time of sharing with the Sisters of Province BFMN and the International Community in the dining room of the Motherhouse. 

All the participants were very pleased to know the history of the gardens and buildings which are hidden behind the hedge beside Bon Pasteur Boulevard, part of the great patrimony of the city of Angers. They were impressed by the mission of the Sisters of the Congregation and most of them will be pleased to come back to see the new Congregational Museum!

One comment said we are like a lighthouse in today’s world where there is so much darkness and confusion.