St. Teresa of Avila's feast day


How great is your Creation!

Recently, dear daughters, Mother Church put the following words on the lips of the faithful: 'The Lord is admirable in his works and in his Saints." (cf. Ps. 67:36) And only yesterday I read a book entitled: Acts of Love and Adoration by St. Teresa in praise of God's works and of the miracles worked by grace in his saints.

Like her, haven't we often been lost in admiration at what comes from the Creator's hand? The majestic sights of nature, the sky, the variety of growing things, the diversity of animals and the marvel of their being. Then there is the art and industry of man and the unity - in - diversity of callings which contribute to the order and good of society. And isn't it true that the Lord's wisdom and grandeur can be praised in even the tiniest things?

SME Ent. 47