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La mission du refuge continue

Article de Sœur Noelene White,
Province d'Australie/Aotearoa-Nouvelle Zélande.


Combattre toutes les formes de violence

Toute fille est née avec dignité, possède les droits inhérents à tous les êtres humains, et devrait disposer des droits uniques de l’enfance qui peuvent lui permettre d’atteindre son plein potentiel en tant qu’individu, femme et membre de la société. Lorsque la valeur des filles est reconnue, lorsque leurs besoins sont satisfaits et que leurs voix sont entendues, les filles contribuent à une transformation positive de leurs familles, leurs communautés locales, leurs nations et du monde.

Challenging all forms of violence

Every girl is born with dignity, possesses the inherent rights of all humans, and ought to be assured the unique rights of childhood to enable them to reach their potential as an individual, as a woman, and as a member of society. When the value of girls is recognized, when their needs are met, and their voices amplified, girls contribute to positive change in their families, local communities, nations, and the world.

‘LaunchME’ pour se mettre en marche !

Article fait par GSANZ,
Province d’Australie/Aotearoa-Nouvelle-Zélande.


‘LaunchME’ ¡para ponerse en marcha!

Artículo del GSANZ,
Provincia de Australia / Aotearoa-Nueva Zelanda.


‘LaunchME’ to get up and running!

Article by Good Shepherd Australia New Zealand,
Province of Australia/Aotearoa-New Zealand.


Sacrificing life and liberty

While migration enriches the social, cultural, and economic fabric of our world, it can be a difficult journey for anyone. In the following excerpt, adapted from the book Aguchita: Mercy and Justice, we read how for those facing conditions of poverty, food insecurity, degraded environment, natural disasters, armed conflict, inhumane labor conditions, rights violations, or grossly ineffective government, migration is a means to attain freedom and survival, to establish better social and economic opportunities.